Structural System - High-rise Buildings

High-rise Buildings

The structural system of a high-rise building is designed to cope with the vertical gravity loads and lateral loads caused by wind or seismic activity. The structural system consists only of the members designed to carry the loads, all other members are referred to as non-structural.

A classification for the structural system of a high-rise was introduced in 1969 by Fazlur Khan and was extended to incorporate interior and exterior structures. The primary lateral load-resisting system defines if a structural system is an interior or exterior one. The following interior structures are possible:

  • Hinged frame
  • Rigid frame
  • Braced frame and Shear-walled frame
  • Outrigger structures

The following exterior structures are possible:

  • Tube
  • Diagrid
  • Space Truss
  • Exoskeleton
  • Superframe

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