Structural Domains

Some articles on structural domains, domain, domains:

Collectin - Structural Domains
... The collectin monomers comprise four structural domains a cysteine-rich domain at the N-terminus ... a collagen domain ... a coiled-coil neck domain ...
Protein Domain - Multidomain Proteins - Types of Organisation
... The simplest multidomain organisation seen in proteins is that of a single domain repeated in tandem ... The domains may interact with each other (domain-domain interaction) or remain isolated, like beads on string ... residue muscle protein titin comprises about 120 fibronectin-III-type and Ig-type domains ...
Peripheral Membrane Protein - Categories of Peripheral Proteins - Structural Domains
... Structural domains mediate attachment of other proteins to membranes ... groups of lipids, as in annexins or GLA domains ... GLA-domains of the coagulation system Gamma-carboxyglutamate (GLA) domains are responsible for the high-affinity binding of calcium ions ...

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