Stroop Report - Photographs From The Stroop Report

Photographs From The Stroop Report

Photographic captions in the Report are written in the German Sütterlin script.

  • Nr.1 "The building of the former Jewish Council"

  • Nr.4"The Brauer firm"

  • "The Jewish department heads of the armament firm Brauer"

  • Nr.6 "Forcibly pulled out of dug-outs"

  • "Forcibly pulled out of dug-outs"

  • Nr.7 "To the transshipping place"

  • Nr.8 "Search and interrogation"

  • Nr.9 "Jewish Rabbis"

  • Nr.11
    "An assault squad"

  • Nr.12 "Forcibly pulled out of dug-outs"

  • Nr.13 "These bandits resisted by force of arms"

  • "These bandits resisted by force of arms"

  • Nr.14 "Jews pulled from a Bunker"

  • Nr.15 "Bandits"

  • Nr.16 "Bandits destroyed in battle"
    (Polish)"Bandyci zgładzeni w walce"

  • Nr.19 "Smoking out the Jews and Bandits"

  • Nr.21 "Destruction of a housing block"

  • "Fight against a Resistance Pocket"

  • Nr.23 "Hehalutz women captured with weapons"

  • Nr.24 "A housing block being destroyed"

  • Nr.26 no original caption

  • "A woman hangs from a balcony, preparing to drop to the street and the waiting SS."

  • Nr.28 "Securing a street"

  • Nr.31 "Bandits jump to escape capture"

  • Nr.31a "Bandits after having jumped down"

  • Nr.34 "The leader of the grand operation"

  • "Jewish Traitors"

  • "Askaris used during the operation"

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