Strongly Keeled

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Calotes Rouxii - Description
... Tail below with four longitudinal series of rhomboid, strongly keeled scales, each terminating in a point posteriorly ... swollen in the adult male upper head-scales unequal, strongly keeled canthus rostralis and supraciliary edge sharp two small separated spines on the back of the head, the anterior ... Dorsal scales keeled, the upper rows pointing backwards and upwards, the lower backwards and downwards, about as large as the ventrals, which are strongly keeled and mucronate 50 to 60 scales round the middle ...
Salea Horsfieldii - Description
... The scales on the throat are lanceolate, keeled and sharp tipped ... The scales on the upper surface are large, rhomboidal, strongly keeled, pointing straight backwards these are nearly always of unequal size, larger ones being scattered on the sides ventral scales very strongly ... The caudal scales are sub-equal and strongly keeled ...
Laudakia Tuberculata - Description
... Upper head-scales smooth or feebly keeled occipital not enlarged small closely set spinose scales on the sides of the head near the ear, and on the neck ... Throat strongly plicate no gular pouch ... each side of the back scales on the neck and sides minute, almost granular, keeled, uniform or intermixed with scattered enlarged scales those on the vertebral region ...

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