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Composition and Lyrics

"Stronger" is a downtempo pop and R&B ballad, with elements of hip hop. Daily Mail's Adrian Thrills described it as a "madeto-measure pop ballad". "Stronger" was composed in the key of A minor in common time, at a relatively slow-paced 74 beats per minute. The song features an orchestral musical arrangement; its instrumentation is provided by a bass guitar, violin, viola, cello, double bass, drums and keyboards. The song features a slow and dark melody, and is reminiscent of the Sugababes' 2001 One Touch single "Run for Cover". According to NME's Alex Needham, "Stronger" features a similar musical style to the American R&B group En Vogue. Graeme Virtue of The Sunday Herald compared the ballad to the music of English group Massive Attack, writing: "The orchestral sweep of 'Stronger' aims for Massive Attack-style emotional sweep". "Stronger" is a self-empowerment ballad that contains an "I-will-survive" testimony; the chorus is opened with the line, "I'm all alone, and finally, I'm getting stronger".

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