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New York State Route 78 - Route Description - Erie County - Transit Road
... Passing several strip malls, NY 78 and US 20 continue north along Transit Road, passing several residential complexes ... Passing several strip malls, the route expands to eight lanes, entering an intersection with NY 5 (Main Street) ... NY 78 passes through more strip malls to the north of NY 324, criss-crossing between the town lines of Amherst and Clarence ...
Strip Mall - Architectural Styles
... Strip malls vary widely in architecture ... Older strip malls tend to have plain architecture with the stores arranged in a straight row, though L-shaped configurations are not uncommon ... Newer strip malls are often built with elaborate architecture to blend in with the neighborhood and to attract the upscale consumer ...
New York State Route 179 - Route Description
179 proceeds eastward through the town of Hamburg as the Mile Strip Expressway, running north as a four-lane boulevard north of a stamping plant, operated by the Ford ... plant, NY 179 enters its first interchange, Mile Strip Road, which connects to NY 179 east via a jughandle ... ends and NY 179 becomes the four-lane arterial boulevard known as Mile Strip Road ...
Miller Trunk Corridor - Strip Malls
... Burning Tree Plaza Matterhorn Mall Stone Ridge Shopping Center Village Square Mall. ...
Sylva, North Carolina - Neighborhoods
... the highways, including several gas stations, strip malls, fast food restaurants, and banks ... development outside of a restaurant, strip malls, and thrift stores ... It is home to many shopping centers, strip malls, two supermarkets, the town's movie theater, known as Quinn Theaters (1980), gas stations, and fast food restaurants, playing off its close ...

Famous quotes containing the words malls and/or strip:

    The figured wheel rolls through shopping malls and prisons,
    Over farms, small and immense, and the rotten little downtowns.
    Robert Pinsky (b. 1940)

    Perfect present has no existence in our consciousness. As I said years ago in Erewhon, it lives but upon the sufferance of past and future. We are like men standing on a narrow footbridge over a railway. We can watch the future hurrying like an express train towards us, and then hurrying into the past, but in the narrow strip of present we cannot see it. Strange that that which is the most essential to our consciousness should be exactly that of which we are least definitely conscious.
    Samuel Butler (1835–1902)