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  • William Guile (voiced by Michael Donovan) - He is the lead character of the series and is depicted as the de facto leader of the "Street Fighters", a fictional peacekeeping force composed of several main characters from the games. He retains his rank and full name from the live action movie (Colonel William F. Guile). Unlike in the video games, Guile is single and has no children. He has an on and off relationship with an ex-girlfriend named Lucinda (an original character), and has a mutual attraction with Cammy. He appears in all Season 1 episodes and in most of Season 2.
  • Chun-Li Xiang (v.b. Donna Yamamoto) - Chun-Li serves as the lead female character in the series and appears in most episodes like Guile. Like in the games, she seeks to avenge her father's death, who was killed by Bison. Like her movie counterpart, she also works as a news reporter.
  • Blanka (v.b. Scott McNeil) - Like in the movie, the Blanka of the TV series is Guile's combat buddy Charlie, who was turned into a mutant by Dr. Dhalsim. He reverts to his human form in "Eye of the Beholder", where he wears an outfit similar to the Charlie from the Street Fighter Alpha games, but with a green version of the same vest and still wears his shackles. He reverts to his mutated form by the end of the episode.
  • Ken Masters (v.b. Scott McNeil) - Ken is depicted as a traveling con-man who prefers to find ways to get rich rather than helping Guile and his team out. He becomes a more prominent character during the second season and is the only character in the series to defeat Akuma in "The World's Greatest Warrior".
  • Ryu Hoshi (v.b. Tony Lung) - He is portrayed as Ken's traveling partner and is depicted as the more mature one of the duo. Like Ken, he becomes more prominent during the second season and retains his rivalry with Sagat from the games. His surname is "Hoshi" in the series and has a cousin who appears in "The Hand That Feeds You" (though he has no relatives in the actual games).
  • Cammy White (v.b. Lisa Ann Beley) - Cammy is portrayed as an MI6 agent who harbors a mutual attraction with Guile. In "Chunnel Vision", she leaves her former unit, Delta Red, to become a member of Guile's team. However, she is brainwashed by Bison in "Cammy and the Bachelor" and appears through the remainder of the series as one of his agents until her brainwashing wears off in the final episode "Cammy Tell Me True".
  • E. Honda (v.b. Paul Dobson) - He is depicted as a computer whiz who loves hacking government files.
  • Dee Jay (v.b. Paul Dobson) - Unlike in the movie, he is one of the heroes. He serves as the team's computer expert and helicopter pilot.
  • T. Hawk (v.b. Paul Dobson) - Not much is known about T. Hawk's backstory in the series, other than the fact that he had temporarily quit the Street Fighters to work for the Satin Hammer as an undercover agent. Unlike in the games, T. Hawk has the ability to fly in the first 2 episodes he appears in, but for unknown reasons, he loses this power later on.

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