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Hillsborough River (Florida) - List of Crossings
82°22′32″W / 28.01806°N 82.37556°W / 28.01806 -82.37556 56th Street Bridge SR 583 N 56th Street Temple Terrace 28°01′28″N 82°23′36″W / 28.02444°N 82.39333°W / 28.02444 -82.39333 ... / 28.01056 -82.465 Hillsborough River Bridge (drawbridges) US 92 Hillsborough Avenue Tampa 27°59′46″N 82°27′56″W / 27.99611°N 82.46556°W / 27.99611 -82.46556 Paul H. 82.46444°W / 27.95639 -82.46444 Fortune Street Bridge (drawbridge) Laurel Street Tampa 27°57′16″N 82°27′54″W / 27.95444°N 82.465°W / 27.95444 -82.465 ...

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    The sturdy Irish arms that do the work are of more worth than oak or maple. Methinks I could look with equanimity upon a long street of Irish cabins, and pigs and children reveling in the genial Concord dirt; and I should still find my Walden Wood and Fair Haven in their tanned and happy faces.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)