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Carl Andrew Spaatz - World War II
... Army Chief of Staff George Marshall named Spaatz commander of Air Forces Combat Command in January 1942 and promoted him to the temporary rank of major general ... In May 1942 Spaatz became commander of the Eighth Air Force and transferred its headquarters to England in July ... command of the USAAF in the European Theater of Operations, while retaining his Eighth Air Force command ...
United States Air Forces In Europe - History - Origins
... Main article United States Strategic Air Forces in Europe See also Eighth Air Force USAFE originated as the United States Army Air Forces' Eighth Air Force in 1942 ... Eighth Air Force was the command and control authority over its three combat commands, VIII Bomber, VIII Fighter and VIII Air Support Command ... Eighth Air Force was redesignated as United States Strategic Air Forces in Europe (USSTAF), The VIII Bomber Command was redesignated as Eighth Air Force and brought under the control of USSTAF ...
USAAF - Organization and Equipment - Command Structure
... By the end of World War II, the USAAF had created 16 numbered air forces (First through Fifteenth and Twentieth) distributed worldwide to prosecute the war, plus a general air force within the continental United ... The latter was formally organized as the Continental Air Forces and activated on 15 December 1944, although it did not formally take jurisdiction of its component air forces until ... Several air forces were created de novo as the service expanded during the war ...
Twentieth Air Force - History - World War II Operations - Strategic Air Forces in The Pacific Operations
... See United States Strategic Air Forces in the Pacific and Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki for expanded history A reorganization of United States military commands on 16 July 1945 placed Twentieth ... Twentieth Air Force would command B-29 wings directly based in the Mariana Islands, while the newly re-deployed Eighth Air Force would command B-29 wings based on Okinawa ... its organization under the direct control of Twentieth Air Force ...
524th Special Operations Squadron - History
... Squadron, Jet, on 1 December 524 ... Fighter-Escort Squadron on 1 February 524 ... Strategic Fighter Squadron on 20 January 524 ... Fighter-Bomber. 1951 – 15 June 1952) 27 Fighter-Escort (later, 27 Strategic Fighter 27 Fighter-Bomber 27 Tactical Fighter 27 Fighter) Wing, 16 June 1952 (attached to unkn, 17 June- 8 July 1959. 27 June 1963 and 21 January-19 March 39 ... Air Division, 1 December 1964 – 28 March 1965) 27 Operations Group, 1 November 1991 – 24 September 27 ... Special Operations Wing on 1 October 2009 ...

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