Strand Transfer

Some articles on strand transfer, strands:

HIV Integration Mechanism - Transfer of HIV DNA Into The Host DNA (Strand Transfer)
... The next step, the strand transfer reaction, takes place inside the host cell nucleus and involves the critical step of inserting the HIV DNA into a selected region of the host ... This strand transfer reaction is initiated as the HIV integrase catalyzes the HIV DNA 3’-hydroxyl group attack on the host DNA ... The attack by the HIV DNA occurs on opposite strands of the host DNA in a staggered fashion, typically 4-6 base pairs apart ...
HIV Integration Mechanism - Repair of The Gaps Formed in The Strand Transfer Process ("Gap Repair")
... Following the strand transfer process, the HIV-DNA and host DNA junctions have unpaired regions of DNA, referred to as DNA "gaps" ... the two base pairs at the end of the 5’ region of the viral DNA remain unpaired after the strand transfer ... Last, the DNA ligase enzymes join the remaining unbound segment of the HIV and host DNA strands ...

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