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  • Strand (album) is an album by the Spinanes
  • Strand (cigarette), a 1950s/1960s brand of cigarette notorious for its failed advertising campaign, "You're never alone with a Strand"
  • Strand (film), a 2009 Iranian film
  • Strand (programming language) is a parallel programming system
  • Strand Bookstore, a famous book store in New York City
  • Strand Cinema, art deco cinema in Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Strand Home Video, was formerly Strand VCI Entertainment but changed its name in 1993
  • Strand Hotel (also known as The Strand), a colonial-style hotel in Yangon, Myanmar
  • Strand Lighting, a company supplying lighting equipment to the entertainment industry
  • Strand Magazine, a British monthly founded in the 1890s (named after the road in London)
  • Strand Marketing, is a marketing and advertising agency north of Boston in Newburyport, MA and a retail marketing agency based in London, UK
  • Strand Publishing, a publishing company based in Sydney, Australia; publisher of books by Grenville Kent
  • Strand VCI Entertainment, a company specializing direct-to-video releases of children's entertainment, see Thomas and Friends video releases
  • On Baile's Strand, a play by W.B. Yeats based on Celtic mythology
    • "Baile's Strand", a song on the album Crógacht by the band Suidakra, based on the same Celtic legend as Yeats' play
  • The Strand (radio), a daily BBC World Service arts programme
  • The Strand, a British hard rock band that eventually evolved into the Sex Pistols
  • The Strand, publication of Victoria University in the University of Toronto

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