Stone Mask

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Joseph Joestar - Fictional Character Biography - Battle Tendency
... to revive a man who seems to have been trapped in a stone pillar for 2,000 years ... creatures are something like vampire gods it turns out that they created the stone mask that turned Dio Brando into a vampire ... These three are named Wamuu, Esidisi, and Kars, and their goal is to find the Red Stone of Aja, which, used with a stone mask, will allow them to become ultimate life forms ...
Battle Tendency - Characters - Pillar Men
... aware of the potential of his people's brains, and aspired to unlock it through the stone mask, with which he hoped to make his people even stronger by ... the rest of his race realized that if this were to happen, the hunger caused from the mask's influence would result in them ridding the world of all life, and so rose up against him ... The stone masks proved to be effective on humans, which can bring out their full potential through acupuncture ...
Jonathan Joestar - Fictional Character Biography
... As JoJo fights against Dio in anger, he discovers a mysterious Mesoamerican stone mask his family owns react to blood being spilled on it, causing spikes to grow out of it ... with Dio, but never truly trusting him, he takes up archeology to do research on the mask ... Meanwhile, Dio, believing he can use the stone mask to kill JoJo, discovers the mask's spikes doesn't actually kill its wearer but instead transforms him into a vampire ...

Famous quotes containing the words mask and/or stone:

    “It was the mask engaged your mind,
    And after set your heart to beat,
    Not what’s behind.”
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    The outline of the city became frantic in its effort to explain something that defied meaning. Power seemed to have outgrown its servitude and to have asserted its freedom. The cylinder had exploded, and thrown great masses of stone and steam against the sky.
    Henry Brooks Adams (1838–1918)