Stole (song) - Track Listings and Formats

Track Listings and Formats

These are the formats and track listings of major single-releases of "Stole".

U.S. CD single
  1. "Stole"
  2. "Stole" (D. Elliott Dreambrotha Mix)
  3. "Stole" (EV3's Never Never Know Dub)
International CD single
  1. "Stole"
  2. "Stole" (Pop Edit)
  3. "Stole" (Dreambrotha Mix)
  4. "Stole" (H & D Nu Soul Mix)
  5. "Stole" (Maurice's Nu Soul Mix)
European CD single
  1. "Stole" (album version)
  2. "Stole" (The Gladiator Remix)
  3. "Stole" (D. Elliott Dreambrotha Mix)
  4. "Stole" (Maurice's Nu Soul Mix)
  5. "Stole" (Bear Who? Nu DnB Mix)
  6. "Stole" (music video)
UK 12" promo
  1. "Stole" (H&D New Soul Mix)
  2. "Stole" (album version)
  3. "Stole" (Azza New Soul Mix)
  4. "Stole" (D. Elliott Dreambrotha Mix)
UK CD1 single
  1. "Stole" (album version)
  2. "Stole" (Azza Nu Soul Mix)
  3. "Simply Deep" (album version; featuring Solange Knowles)
  4. "Stole" (music video)
UK CD2 single 'The Club Remixes'
  1. "Stole" (5am Remix)
  2. "Stole" (H&D Nu Soul Mix)
  3. "Stole" (The Gladiator Remix)

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