Stickelberger Ideal

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Stickelberger's Theorem - The Stickelberger Element and The Stickelberger Ideal
... The Stickelberger element (of level m or of Km) is an element in the group ring Q and the Stickelberger ideal (of level m or of Km) is an ideal in the group ring Z ... The Stickelberger element of level m is defined as The Stickelberger ideal of level m, denoted I(Km), is the set of integral multiples of θ(Km) which have integral ... The Stickelberger element of F is then defined as The Stickelberger ideal of F, denoted I(F), is defined as in the case of Km, i.e In the special case where F = Km, the Stickelberger ideal I(Km ...

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