Stick Insects

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Phasmatodea - Stick Insects As Pets
... Many stick insects are easy to care for in captivity ... The most commonly kept, the Indian (or laboratory) stick insect, Carausius morosus, requires a tall (25 cm or more) vivarium (even a jar with a few holes punched in the top), some bramble ... Indian stick insects are almost all female, with only a few half-males (gynandromorphs), and these are not needed for reproduction ...
List Of Australian Stick Insects And Mantids
... Praying mantids and stick insects of Australia are mainly found in small mantis colonies and some large stick insect colonies although the largest of all phasmids (stick insects) is the great brown ...

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    Our treasure lies in the beehive of our knowledge. We are perpetually on the way thither, being by nature winged insects and honey gatherers of the mind.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    Spine hog,
    how do you grow?
    Little steel wings
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    Knitting needles
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