Steven J. Dick - Selected Publications

Selected Publications

  • Plurality of Worlds: The Origins of the Extraterrestrial Life Debate from Democritus to Kant (Cambridge University Press, 1982) ISBN 0-521-31985-4
  • The Biological Universe: The Twentieth Century Extraterrestrial Life Debate and the Limits of Science (Cambridge University Press, 1996) ASIN B000UUKKY6
  • Life on Other Worlds: The 20th Century Extraterrestrial Life Debate (Cambridge University Press, 2001) ISBN 0-521-79912-0
  • Many Worlds: The New Universe, Extraterrestrial Life and the Theological Implications (Templeton Foundation Press, 2000) ISBN 1-890151-42-4
  • The Living Universe: NASA and the Development of Astrobiology (Rutgers University Press, 2005) (co-authored with James Strick) ISBN 0-8135-3733-9
  • Sky and Ocean Joined – The U.S. Naval Observatory 1830-2000 (Cambridge University Press, 2003) ISBN 0-521-81599-1
  • Editor (with Roger Launius), Critical Issues in the History of Spaceflight (NASA SP 4702, 2006)
  • Editor (with Roger Launius), "Societal Impact of Spaceflight" (NASA SP 4801, 2007) (Part 1) (Part 2)
  • Editor (with Neil Armstrong et al.), America in Space: NASA’s First Fifty Years, (Abrams, 2007).
  • Editor, Remembering the Space Age (NASA SP 4703, 2008) (Part A) (Part B) (Part C)
  • Editor (with Mark Lupisella), Cosmos and Culture: Cultural Evolution in a Cosmic Context (NASA SP 4802, 2009)
  • Editor, NASA’s First 50 Years: Historical Perspectives (NASA SP 4704, 2010)

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