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Volumetric Displays

Volumetric displays use some physical mechanism to display points of light within a volume. Such displays use voxels instead of pixels. Volumetric displays include multiplanar displays, which have multiple display planes stacked up, and rotating panel displays, where a rotating panel sweeps out a volume.

Other technologies have been developed to project light dots in the air above a device. An infrared laser is focused on the destination in space, generating a small bubble of plasma which emits visible light.

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Swept-volume Display - Drawbacks
... Known volumetric display technologies also have several drawbacks that are exhibited depending on trade-offs chosen by the system designer ... It is often claimed that volumetric displays are incapable of reconstructing scenes with viewer-position-dependent effects, such as occlusion and opacity ... This is a misconception a display whose voxels have non-isotropic radiation profiles are indeed able to depict position-dependent effects ...
Swept-volume Display
... A volumetric display device is a graphical display device that forms a visual representation of an object in three physical dimensions, as opposed to the planar image of ... One definition offered by pioneers in the field is that volumetric displays create 3D imagery via the emission, scattering, or relaying of illumination from well-defined ... in the field, it may be reasonable to admit holographic and highly multiview displays to the volumetric display family if they do a reasonable job of projecting a three-dimensional light field within a volume ...
Swept-volume Display - Artistic Use
... Volumetric movies have been shown to live audiences at film festivals, art galleries and music events ... Multiple volumetric displays and multi-loudspeaker arrays surround an audience ... with music, either live or recorded with the volumetric animations ...

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