Stereoscopic Displays and Applications - Past Keynote Presenters

Past Keynote Presenters

Over the years the SD&A conference has hosted an impressive lineup of keynote presenters. These sessions allow a leading light to focus and reflect on a particular area of stereoscopic imaging.

Year Keynote Presenter Title
1996 Ray Zone, The 3D Zone The Deep Image: 3D in Art and Science
1997 Peter Anderson, Consultant (3D cinematographer) Large-format 3D Film in Special Venues
1998 Peter Smith, University of Arizona Imager for Mars Pathfinder Experiment (IMP): A Multispectral Stereo Imaging System
1999 Sean MacLeod Philips, MacLeod Productions 3D Large Format Film Production
2000 Chris Condon, StereoVision International Current Status of Large Screen Stereoscopic Cinema Systems
2001 Jeff Kleiser, Kleiser Walczak Construction Company Stereoscopic Computer Animation for Location-Based Entertainment
2002 Vince Pace, Pace Technologies Titanic in 3D HDTV
2003 Emeritus Professor Ian Howard, Centre for Vision Research, York University Understanding stereoscopic vision
2004 Dave Cook, NVIDIA Corporation Stereoscopic Gaming: Technology and Applications
2005 Steve Schklair, Cobalt Entertainment Digital Technology and the Resurgence of Commercial Stereoscopic Entertainment
2006 Hugh Murray, IMAX Corporation 3D Animation in Three Dimensions - The Rocky Road to the Obvious
2007 James Fergason, Fergason Patent Properties A Look at the Past and Future of Stereoscopic Displays Through a ‘(Liquid) Crystal Ball’
2008 Larry J. Hornbeck, Texas Instruments Stereoscopic and Volumetric 3D Displays Based on DLP Technology
2009 Lenny Lipton, REAL D Corporation Archimedes’ Tub
2010 Bob Whitehill, PIXAR Animation Studios Three-Dimensional Storytelling
2011 Michael G Robinson, RealD The Current Status of Stereoscopic 3D
2011 Ramesh Raskar, MIT Media Lab Content-Adaptive Parallax Barriers and Six-Dimensional Displays: new ideas from MIT Media Lab
2012 Masayuki KOZUKA, Panasonic Corporation Panasonic’s Stereoscopic 3D Technologies, Standardization and Business Strategy
2012 Pete Bradshaw and Debargha Mukherjee, YouTube, Google Inc. The past, present, and future of YouTube3D

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