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List Of The Colbert Report Episodes (2007) - Season 3 (2007) - October
... This is The Colbert Report." October 3123 ... Stephen expresses his concern about Dennis Kucinich and the things he carries in his pockets ... This is The Colbert Report." October 3124 ... Stephen briefly comments on a recent USA Today article about the possible end of the universe ... Next, he talks about an article in New Scientist that claims parallel universes might exist, and "The Wørd" takes place in such a parallel universe featuring an opposite version of Stephen ...

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    He talks about the Scylla of Atheism and the Charybdis of Christianity—a state of mind which, by the way, is not conducive to bold navigation.
    Norman Douglas (1868–1952)

    Two voices are there: one is of the deep;
    It learns the storm-cloud’s thunderous melody,
    —James Kenneth Stephen (1859–1892)

    The Law of Triviality ... briefly stated, it means that the time spent on any item of the agenda will be in inverse proportion to the sum involved.
    C. Northcote Parkinson (1909–1993)