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Steele consisted of 893 64-bit, 8-core Dell PowerEdge 1950 and nine 64-bit, 8-core Dell PowerEdge 2950 systems with various combinations of 16-32 gigabytes RAM, 160 GB to 2 terabytes of disk, and Gigabit Ethernet and SDR InfiniBand to each node. The cluster had a theoretical peak performance of more than 60 teraflops. Steele and its 7,216 cores replaced the Purdue Lear cluster supercomputer which had 1,024 cores but was substantially slower. Steele is primarily networked utilizing a Foundry Networks BigIron RX-16 switch with a Tyco MRJ-21 wiring system delivering over 900 gigabit Ethernet connections and eight 10 gigabit Ethernet uplinks.

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