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Amsterdam Sloterdijk Railway Station - Bus Services - Regional Services
... Marnixstraat Busstation IJmuiden Bos en Lommer, Station Sloterdijk, Spaarnwoude, Velsen Zuid 2 to 4x per hour 85 Connexxion Station Sloterdijk East Zaandam, Zaansche Medische Centrum, Station Zaandam Kogerveld Zaandam ...
5th Medium Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
... and the Signals section entrained at Leatherhead Station, while the rest of the 7th Battery at Woking station bound for Glasgow ... of 26 October 1943 the 5th Medium boarded the Dutch liner, Sloterdijk (or Sloterdyk) in Glasgow along with elements of the 5th Canadian Armoured Division, HQ 1st AGRA, 2nd Medium RCA, and 11th Field Regiment RCA ... The only casualty aboard the Sloterdijk was an American sailor who was shot (by accident) in the leg by Grn Greenshields ...

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