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USS Navasota (AO-106) - Operational History, 1946–63
... After serving as station ship at Tsingtao, China, from April through June 1948, she returned to San Pedro, California, on 7 July 1948, thence to Pearl Harbor in ... Yokosuka on 20 November 1948 for Tsingtao and remained on station until 30 December 1948, when she sailed for California via Pearl Harbor ... on 25 June 1950, beginning the Korean War, the oiler steamed for Korean waters to fuel Allied ships in the area ...
USS Monterey (BM-6)
... Sailing via Honolulu and Apra, Guam, the two ships made the 8,000‑mile voyage without mishap, arriving Cavite 13 August, and Monterey remained in the Philippines supporting the occupation of ... in Subic Bay with gunboats Charleston and Concord and supply ship Zafiro, helping to destroy a large gun at the head of the bay on the 25th ... boilers at Hong Kong, and then operating from July 1900 to September 1901 as station ship at Shanghai, voyaging upriver to Nanking from 25 to 31 July 1902 with ...
USS Oahu (PR-6) - Service History
... Beginning in 1934, Oahu took up duty as station ship at various Yangtze ports supplying the ever increasing river traffic with naval armed guard detachments on a regular basis ... Serving station ship duty at Ichang, Chungking, Hankow, Wuhu, and Nanking into 1937, the gunboat made intermittent patrols down the length of the river on convoy duty and then ... the gunboat operated only on the lower river as far as Wuhu and Hankow, in addition serving as station ship and radio relay vessel for American officials at the temporary U.S ...
USS Yosemite (1892) - Service History - 1898–1900
... The ship remained there until 8 April 1899 at which time she got underway for New York ... eight months at Guam surveying the harbor and serving as station ship ... Following a brief visit to Nagasaki on 7 and 8 June, the ship headed for the Philippines on the 9th ...

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    You mustn’t be afraid of death. When this ship sailed, death sailed on her.
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    [T]here is no situation so deplorable ... as that of a gentlewoman in real poverty.... Birth, family, and education become misfortunes when we cannot attain some means of supporting ourselves in the station they throw us into. Our friends and former acquaintances look on it as a disgrace to own us.... If we were to attempt getting our living by any trade, people in that station would think we were endeavoring to take their bread out of their mouths.
    Sarah Fielding (1710–1768)