StarOffice, known briefly as Oracle Open Office before its discontinuation in 2010, was a proprietary office suite. It was originally developed by StarDivision which was acquired by Sun Microsystems in 1999. Sun was itself acquired in 2009 by Oracle Corporation.

StarOffice supports the XML file format, as well as the OpenDocument standard, and can generate PDF and Flash formats. It includes templates, a macro recorder, and a software development kit (SDK).

The source code of the suite was released in July 2000, creating a free, open source office suite called, which subsequent versions of StarOffice were based on, with additional proprietary components.

In March 2009, a study showed that StarOffice only had a 3% market share in the corporate market.

In April 2011, Oracle announced the discontinuation of Oracle Open Office as part of the decision to turn into a "purely community-based project".

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Sun Microsystems - Software - Office Suite
1999, Sun acquired the German software company StarDivision and with it StarOffice, which it released as the office suite under both GNU LGPL and the SISSL (Sun Industry Standards Source License) ... The StarOffice product was a closed-source product based on ... The principal differences between StarOffice and were that StarOffice was supported by Sun, was available as either a single-user retail ...
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... The open-source software application suite 1.x and StarOffice 6 used the format as their native and default file format for saving files ... In 2005, the (since version 2.0) and StarOffice (since version 8) have switched to a new standardized file format - OpenDocument, as their native and ... widely used, but it is still supported in recent versions of, StarOffice and other software ...
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... Traditionally, StarOffice licenses sold for around US$70, but in 2004, Sun planned to offer subscription-based licenses to Japanese customers for about ¥1,980 (US$17 ... As of January 2009 Sun's website offered StarOffice for US$34.95 ... Sun used a per-person license for StarOffice, compared to the per-device licenses used for most other proprietary software ...