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Official game titles include the following:

  • Star Trek: Adventure Gaming in the Final Frontier, produced by Heritage Models (1978)
  • Star Trek: The Role Playing Game, the original Star Trek RPG produced by FASA. (1982)
  • Enterprise - Role Play Game in Star Trek, released in Japan (only) by Tsukuda Hobby (1983)
  • Prime Directive, designed by Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc. and published by Task Force Games. (1993) Later editions were produced for the GURPS 3rd edition (2002), 4th edition (2005), d20 (2005) and d20 Modern (2008).
  • Star Trek RPG, produced by Last Unicorn Games. (1998)
  • Star Trek Roleplaying Game, produced by Decipher, Inc.. (2002)
  • Star Trek Simulation Forum, has served as the chat based role-playing game of the official Star Trek website since October 2002. Remains the only simming organization currently recognized by the site. (2002)

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