Standing Waves

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Gabriel Lippmann - Career - Colour Photography
... The interference phenomenon in optics occurs as a result of the wave propagation of light ... When light of a given wavelength is reflected back upon itself by a mirror, standing waves are generated, much as the ripples resulting from a stone dropped ... case of ordinary incoherent light, the standing waves are distinct only within a microscopically thin volume of space next to the reflecting surface ...
Eigentone - Standing Waves
... A standing wave is a continuous form of normal mode ... In a standing wave, all the space elements (i.e ... The general form of a standing wave is where ƒ(x, y, z) represents the dependence of amplitude on location and the cosine\sine are the oscillations in time ...
Room Modes - The Mechanism of The Room's Resonances
... energy to the room at the modal frequencies and multiples thereof causes standing waves ... The nodes and antinodes of these standing waves result in the loudness of the particular resonant frequency being different at different locations of the room ... These standing waves can be considered a temporary storage of acoustic energy as they take a finite time to build up and a finite time to dissipate once the sound energy source has been removed ...
Atomic, Molecular, And Optical Physics - History and Developments - Early Quantum Model of Matter and Light
... His model consisted of a superposition of standing waves ... the box has length L, and only sinusodial waves of wavenumber can occur in the box, where n is a positive integer (mathematically denoted by ) ... The equation describing these standing waves is given by ...

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