Standing Orders

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Parliament Of The Cook Islands - Select Committees
... The number and roles of subject committees is regulated by Standing Orders ... Law and Order Courts, prisons, police ... In addition there are three standing select committees tasked with the regulation of parliament ...
AEMT-CC - Scope of Practice
... are typically listed in an algorithm format and consist of either routine standing orders or orders that require direct, on-line communication with medical control via radio or telephone ... As compared to a Paramedic, an EMT-CC has fewer routine standing orders and requires more contact with medical control ... the ALS protocols vary slightly between the different regions in New York as to which are standing orders versus those which require on-line medical control, all protocols follow current guidelines for Advanced ...
Labour In India - Labor Laws in India
... Industrial Employment (Standing orders) Act of 1946 This Act requires employers in industrial establishments to define and post the conditions of employment by issuing so-called standing orders ... These standing orders must be approved by the government and duly certified ... These orders aim to remove flexibility from the employer in terms of job, hours, timing, leave grant, productivity measures and other matters ...
Medical Director - Models of Care - Anglo-American
... days of paramedicine paramedics were required to contact a physician for formal orders for every single intervention that they performed ... a system in which most paramedics function almost purely on complex written protocols or standing orders committed to memory, often numerous pages in length, and ... with the creation of all protocols and standing orders, and with any research that goes into their creation ...

Famous quotes containing the words orders and/or standing:

    Your money’s no good here. Orders of the house.
    Stanley Kubrick (b. 1928)

    ...there was the annual Fourth of July picketing at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. ...I thought it was ridiculous to have to go there in a skirt. But I did it anyway because it was something that might possibly have an effect. I remember walking around in my little white blouse and skirt and tourists standing there eating their ice cream cones and watching us like the zoo had opened.
    Martha Shelley, U.S. author and social activist. As quoted in Making History, part 3, by Eric Marcus (1992)