Standard Procedures

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Race Committee - Standard Procedures
... The Skippers' Meeting is usually held on the morning of the regatta ... Last-minute updates to the documentation are provided at this point, including race schedule updates, course corrections, local weather conditions, hazardous aspects of the course, and so forth ...
Comparison Of Pascal And Delphi - Differences Between Standard Pascal and Delphi
... The way procedures and functions can be passed as parameters differs Delphi requires explicit procedural types to be declared where Standard Pascal does not ... statements may reference targets outside the current procedure/function body ... Standard Pascal has file 'buffer variables', together with 'get' and 'put' standard procedures that operate on them ...
Scheme (programming Language) - Review of Standard Forms and Procedures - Standard Procedures
... The following two tables describe the standard procedures in R5RS Scheme ... Some procedures appear in more than one row because they cannot easily be classified into a single function in the language ... Standard procedures in the language R5RS Scheme Purpose Procedures Construction vector, make-vector, make-string, list Equivalence predicates eq?, eqv ...

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