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Samokov Dialect - Phonological and Morphological Characteristics
... formal Bulgarian мъж (man), сан vs ... formal Bulgarian сън (sleep) ... Standard Bulgarian със него (with him), напредок vs ...
Shumen Dialect - Phonological and Morphological Characteristics
... formal Bulgarian време'на (times) Complete loss of x /x/ in all positions ... formal Bulgarian холера (cholera) The masculine definite article is о (stressed) and у (unstressed) instead of formal Bulgarian –ът/ъ (гърˈбо, ˈстолу instead of ... formal Bulgarian син (blue) ...
Shopi - Dialects - Features Characteristic of The Sofia and Elin Pelin Dialects - Morphology
... of -а/я (-a/ja) and -м (-m), respectively, as in standard Bulgarian ... ja sedim, nie sedime) vs standard Bulgarian аз седя, ние седим (az sedja, nie sedim) (I am sitting, we are sitting) Most often the particle for the forming of the future ... (ше) ода (če odim, še oda, k'е oda/odim) vs standard Bulgarian ще ходя (šte hodja) (I will be going) ...

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