Stanbridge Earls School - The Wyverns' Society

The Wyverns' Society

Former pupils or 'old boys', before the school admitted girls in the late 1970s, are members of the alumni society.

In its website the school claims that, "The Wyverns' Society is dedicated to keeping in touch with all former pupils of Stanbridge Earls School". The Wyverns' Society page of the website includes links to school photographs from 1984 to 2000. There are several hundred former pupils on the Wyverns' mailing list.

Throughout the year there are meetings and sports matches at the school.

A magazine, Voice, edited by staff and pupils, is produced regularly. The most recent edition of Voice was published in the summer of 2009. The magazine features school news and as well as contributions from and news of, Wyverns.

Since the 1960s there have been a variety of events, some hosted at the school and others in London. 'Pub nights' in the 1960s and early 1970s attracted small, informal, London based gatherings. An annual Wyverns' Dinner in London featured for many years and in the 1980s and 1990s there were reunions called gaudies hosted at the school.

The most recent Wyverns' Dinner was held at the East India Club in St James' Square, London in 1994. Over thirty Wyverns were present. Headmaster, Howard Moxon, Deputy Headmaster, John Abraham and former member of the Common Room, John Bain attended. The guest speaker was the very popular former Headmaster, Dick Gould, who was accompanied by his wife, Erica.

The school hosted a reunion for 1950s Wyverns in 2009, 1960s Wyverns in 2010 and 1970s Wyverns in 2011. The most recent reunion, on 19th May 2012, was for 1980s Wyverns. This was attended by former Headmaster, Howard Moxon, as well as the current Headmaster, Peter Trythall. A 1990s reunion is planned for 2013.

Mr Peter Bragg, former pupil and Head Boy (1962-1964), is the chairman of the Wyverns' Society. Mr C F (Chris) Rowney, Housemaster of 'A' House, replaced Mr P C (Paul) Pellatt as the secretary of the Wyverns' Society. A new appointment will be made following Mr Rowney's retirement.

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