Stag and Hounds Public House

The Stag and Hounds Public House is on Old Market Street, Old Market, Bristol.

It was built originally in 1483, probably as a private house. However the current building is predominantly from the early 18th century, when it was a Public house and it has been partly rebuilt in the 1960s, and refurbished in 1987.

At one time the inn was flanked by houses, but the building of a dual carriageway underpass has left it isolated.

It has been designated by English Heritage as a grade II listed building.

A well in the former rear court has a 19th-century iron hand pump with flywheel and pump rods, an early example of an installation for raising water from a well. This old iron pump, operated by a wheel six feet in diameter, is in fine condition and all its parts still move. It is unique in Bristol.

There is also a minute window looking out onto the courtyard, which opens onto a small room set between floors and is only accessible through a trap-door in what is now a bathroom. It is possible that this may be a survival from the days of priest-hunting.

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