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The Institute for International and Cross-Cultural Psychology (IICCP) was founded in 1998. It has become a center for the advancement of Cross-cultural psychology and International Psychology. It is supported by an international advisory board of psychologists from six countries; members of the institute have engaged in a series of research projects, edited books on a broad variety of topics in international psychology, sponsored conferences, symposia and colloquia, and introduced novel curriculum development. The Institute supported the writing and editing of numerous publications in international psychology including 14 books that have appeared in 5 countries.

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Institute For International And Cross-Cultural Psychology - Research and Publications
... Ongoing research and book projects at the institute include the following Growing up Chinese in New York City Counseling and Therapy around the World Women around the World Psychosocial Perspectives ... The Institute has sponsored the editing and writing of 15 volumes and more than 75 articles on cross-cultural and international topics during the last 14 years ... Between 1998 and 2003 the Institute supported the editing of the International Journal of Group Tensions, a journal sponsored by the International Society for the Study of Group Tensions ...

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