St. David (electoral District) - Members of Provincial Parliament

Members of Provincial Parliament

Parliament Years Member Party
prior to 1926 part of the Toronto Northeast and Toronto Southeast ridings
17th 1926–1929 Joseph Thompson Conservative
18th 1929–1934 Wilfrid Heighington Conservative
19th 1934–1937
20th 1937–1943 Allan Lamport Liberal
21st 1943-1945 William Dennison CCF
22nd 1945-1948 Roland Michener Conservative
23rd 1948-1951 William Dennison CCF
24th 1951-1955 Everett Weaver Conservative
25th 1955-1959 Henry Price Conservative
26th 1959-1963
27th 1963-1967
28th 1967-1971
29th 1971-1975 Margaret Scrivener Conservative
30th 1975-1977
31st 1977-1981
32nd 1981-1985
33rd 1985-1987 Ian Scott Liberal
merged with St. George to form St. George—St. David after 1987

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