Ssam - Variations - By Wrap Type

By Wrap Type

Specific types:

  • Gim ssam (김쌈), wrapped with gim, seaweed
  • Sangchu ssam (상추쌈), wrapped with lettuce
  • Baechu ssam (배추쌈), wrapped with napa cabbage leaf
  • Kkaenip ssam (깻잎쌈), wrapped with perilla leaf
  • Chwi ssam (취쌈), wrapped with chwinamul
  • Hobakip ssam (호박잎쌈), wrapped with pumpkin leaf
  • Kimchi ssam (김치쌈), wrapped with kimchi
  • Jeonbok ssam (전복쌈), wrapped with sliced and soaked dried abalone
  • Muneo ssam (문어쌈), wrapped with sliced octopus
  • Po'ssam (포쌈), wrapped with seasoned raw beef
  • Gotgam ssam (곶감쌈), wrapped with dried persimmon
  • Milssam (밀쌈), wrapped with a thin crepe made from wheat flour
  • Eossam (어쌈), wrapped with thin fish filet
  • Leaves used for wrapping in ssam dishes

  • Bossam dish from Gwangju

  • Milssam, wrap with thin pancakes

  • Roseupyeonchae (로스편채), vegetables wrapped in roasted beef slices

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