Sri Nrusimha Bharati VIII

In the history of Hinduism, Sri Nrisimha Bharati VIII also known as Sri Vruddha Nrisimha Bharati was the 32nd Jagadguru (guru of the world) of the religious establishment Sringeri Sharada Peetham in India.

He was born in 1798. He walked to Varanasi to learn the Sastras. After assuming the headship of the Shringeri Sarada Peetham, he strenuously applied himself to securing high proficiency in several branches of learning, besides mastering the administration of the Mutt. He conquered hunger and sleep. He gave up normal food and subsisted on a handful of boiled pagal (Momordica charantia). He used to spend almost the whole day in meditation and Puja.

When he was in Bangalore in 1858, Commissioner Bowring, went incognito one early morning to the Acharya’s camp. He found the Acharya was offering flowers to Chandramoulishwara in deep meditation. The Commissioner contemplated on the spectacle with reverence and wonder. His letters to the Acharya are eloquent expressions of his esteem.

He died in 1879.

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