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Guru Shishya Parmapara

The tradition of Guru Shishya sampraday is one of the oldest paths pursuing the age old knowledge of Self Realization and Advait principles of Non dualness. This was started by Adiguru Shri Dattatreya, and was further carried in the Navanath Sampraday by the Holy Nine Gurus the Navanaths. One such branch was founded by Adiguru Sri Revanatah who initiated Shri Kaadasiddheshwar Swami Maharaj who was the founder of Kaneri Ashram in the 13 the century, it became a Dnyan Peeth and many solace seekers were initiated for centuries together. In the mid of the 19th century the then Shri Kaadasiddheshwar Swami Maharaj initiated Shri Gurulingajangam Maharaj also known as "Nimbarji Maharaj". He founded the Nimbargi sampraday and initiated Shri Raghunathpriya Sadhu Maharaj. Shri Samartha Sadaguru Bhausaheb Maharaj Deshpande, was an ardent follower and a devoted disciple of Shri Gurulingajangam Maharaj who was initiated by Shri Raghunathpriya Sadhu Maharaj.

Shri Bhausaheb Maharaj established the Inchegeri Sampraday and preached the principle of Nondualness - Advait tatva, he used to give discourses on Srimad Dasbodh. Sri Bhausaheb Maharaj had many followers and many of his follower disciples further rose to the state of Gurupad and practised and preached the Principles of Vedant & Advait throughout India. Shri Samartha Sadaguru Siddharameshwar Maharaj

was his disciple and ardent follower, who was blessed and initiated by his Sadaguru. Shri S S Siddharameshwar Maharaj professed the knowledge and basics of self realization to the masses and became one of the most followed Guru of Inchegeri sampraday.Shri Samartha Sadaguru Ganapatrao Maharaj Kannur was blessed and initiated by Shri S S Siddharameshwar Maharaj at the age of 13 and who took the vow of celibacy throughout his life and renounced all worldly pleasures to gain the ultimate knowledge, the Atmadnyan - Self realization & Jeevan Mukti - Self liberation .

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