Square D

Square D is an American manufacturer of equipment used to control and distribute electric power headquartered in Palatine, Illinois.

Square D was founded in 1903 in Detroit, Michigan as Detroit Fuse and Manufacturing by Bryson Dexter Horton who is credited with the invention of the safety switch which encased high voltage switches and started the company's main line of business of circuit breakers and encased control panels. Horton served as Square D's president until 1928.

In 1991, the company was acquired and became a subsidiary of Schneider Electric.

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Square D - Product Lines
... The 1960s Square D introduced the Safety Line distribution centers for large industrial electrical power loads ... Another well-known Square D product line is the Powerlink circuit breaker, created for lighting control, sold to bigger buildings/skyscrapers ... Square D also made disconnect switches, both fused, and unfused, as well as HACR (Heating Air Conditioning and Refrigeration) rated switch boxes that held an HACR breaker for use as a disconnect ...

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