Springtime may refer to:

  • Spring (season), one of the four temperate seasons
  • Springtime! an entertainment company and record label
  • Springtime (band), a band from Austria
  • Springtime (painting), a painting by Claude Monet
  • Springtime (guitar), an experimental guitar created by Yuri Landman
  • Springtime (1920 film), a film starring Oliver Hardy
  • Springtime (1929 film), a Silly Symphonies animated Disney short film
  • Springtime (2004 film), a South Korean film
  • Springtime (Cheongchun), a 1999 South Korean TV series starring Kim Hyun-Joo

Other articles related to "springtime":

Alexei Sayle - Discography
... Pop-Up Toasters (7" single, Springtime/Island, 1981) (as "Alexei's Midnight Runners") Cak! (album – vinyl cassette, Springtime/Island, 1982) Albania! Albania! (Albani ...
Greenishness - Common Associations of Green - Springtime, Freshness, and Hope
... and Europe with springtime, freshness, and hope ... Green as the color of hope is connected with the color of springtime hope represents the faith that things will improve after a period of difficulty, like the renewal of flowers and plants after the winter ...
Springtime (guitar) - Springtime II
... A few months after the first Springtime, Landman built the Springtime II on specifications made up by Lou Barlow ... Also other alternate versions of the Springtime exist ... A red version of the Springtime appears on the bonus DVD of Placebo's Battle for the Sun deluxe edition, where Brian Molko is testing and discussing possibilities of the ...
Springtime For Thomas
... Springtime for Thomas (also known as Springtime for Tom) is a 1946 American one-reel animated cartoon and is the 23rd Tom and Jerry short directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera ...

Famous quotes containing the word springtime:

    True variety is in that plenitude of real and unexpected elements, in the branch charged with blue flowers thrusting itself, against all expectations, from the springtime hedge which seems already too full, while the purely formal imitation of variety ... is but void and uniformity, that is, that which is most opposed to variety....
    Marcel Proust (1871–1922)