Spring Breakout - Episode Notes - Callbacks/running Jokes

Callbacks/running Jokes

  • Tobias is gay
    • When Lindsay says she'll create "Men with Low Self Esteem" Tobias thinks it's a great idea.
    • Lindsay and Tobias go to the boardwalk to film Men with Low Self Esteem and Tobias shouts, "Come on! Let's see some bananas and nuts! Oh, perhaps we should just pull their pants off."
    • Buster comments on how Tobias "just wants to see boys' Linuses." he previously referred to a doctor having touched his "Charlie Browns".
  • Scandalmakers—The Scandalmakers episode based on the Bluths figures prominently into the plot.
  • Chicken dance—This is the introduction of Lucille's chicken dance.
  • Never-nude
    • Tobias is seen wearing only his cutoffs in the intervention flashback.
    • The affliction is mentioned in relation to how Scandlemakers portrayed Tobias.
    • Phillip Litt is "revealed" to be a never-nude.
    • Tobias says that Phillip didn't see him at the never-nude convention because he was with the never-nude contingent in Germany. This is a reference to Beef Consommé in which Tobias says that he knows of at least two Germans who suffer the same affliction.
  • Joy in solitude—The montage of Buster enjoying having the condo to himself parallels Lucille's scene in Marta Complex.
  • Magician lingo—Gob calls Michael a "Howdy Do Dat", a reference to what Magicians call their fans first used by Tony Wonder in Sword of Destiny.
  • Police brutality—As Oscar attempts to escape from Shady Pines a security guard can be seen about to club him much like what frequently happened when Oscar was mistaken for George Sr. by the police throughout the second season.
  • Wolf call—Gob and Michael locate George Sr. when they hear his wolf call, a reference to his howling in Burning Love.
  • "I swallowed a key"—Once again Gob has swallowed a key, a feat first shown in Key Decisions. This time, however, he is able to retrieve the key and use it to free George Sr..
  • Lucille tells Michael that the cooler he used for the "switch and bait" (found in the freezer at the banana stand) was where she was hiding George Sr's sperm specimen. It is reminiscent of Michael losing $250k by burning the banana stand in Top Banana when she exclaims, "There were 250 ccs of your father in that banana stand!"
  • No touching!—When Lucille shoves Michael against the wall he says "No touching," a phrase commonly used when the family visited George Sr. in prison during Season One.
  • Mr. Manager—During a clip of "Girls with Low Self-Esteem," a poster next to G.O.B.'s performance reads "Mr. Magician," a callback to Michael and George-Michael's conversation about George Michael being promoted to "Mr. Manager" in Top Banana.

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