Spoiler may refer to:

  • Spoiler (aeronautics), a device to reduce lift in aeronautics
  • Spoiler (automotive), a device to modify air flow in order to increase fuel efficiency or improve handling in automobiles
  • Spoiler (sports), a team that has been eliminated from the playoffs, and beats a team that required that win to advance
  • Spoiler (media), a comment which discloses plot details of a book, play, video game, or film, or is intended to distract attention from a rival
  • Spoiler (comics), a secondary character in the DC comic book Robin
  • Spoiler (film), a comedy film project in New York City
  • Spoilers (Hulu series), an "anti-movie review" show hosted by Kevin Smith
  • Spoiler effect, an individual unable to win an election or game for him- or herself, but with the power to determine which player among two or more others will win
  • Mighty Spoiler, a popular calypso singer
  • Don Jardine, a professional wrestler also known as "the Spoiler"
  • The Spoiler (album) a 1966 album by jazz saxophonist Stanley Turrentine
  • The Spoiler (novel), a 2011 novel by Annalena McAfee

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