Splendours of Royal Mysore

Splendours of Royal Mysore — The Untold Story of the Wodeyars is a book written by Vikram Sampath. The book chronicles the history of the Wodeyar dynasty that ruled the Kingdom of Mysore

It was the summer of AD 1399 that disaster struck a small principality of southern India. Mahisuru, which later went on to become Mysore, had lost its chieftain and was vulnerable to the machinations of a cunning upstart. At around the same time, two young aspirants left their ancestral home in Dwaraka, Gujarat and proceeded southwards in search of fame. Yaduraya, the elder of the two aspirants, was destinys chosen man, to lead a valiant attack against the vile upstart, rescue the family in distress, wed the princess and assume the lordship of the place. This event marked the birth of the Wodeyar Dynasty.

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