Spite (punk Band) - A Later Punk Rock Band Called Spite

A Later Punk Rock Band Called Spite

In 1994 Beckie (Bass) from Chaos U.K., Steve (Vocals) and John (Drums) both from Ripcord and Pete (Guitar) formed a later Punk Rock band "Spite". This band was based in Bristol, England and released recorded material under the name "Spite" 11 years after the formation of the original Spite in 1983, and 11 years prior to the original spite's release of "The Emotion Not the Point."

They were heavily influenced by U.K. bands such as Discharge, One Way System and Rudimentary Peni and were musically, lyrically and politically very different to the Kalamazoo band of the same name. Discharge performed in Kalamazoo close to the time of the original Spite’s formation with Violent Apathy at the Hicks Student Center of K-College. Violent Apathy later performed with the Kalamazoo band, Spite at the same location.

They released 2 7"'s, "Last Orders E.P." (BDR 7001 - January 1996) and "A Threat to Society?" (BDR 7003 - July 1996). Both E.P.'s were released by Blind Destruction Records and are now out of print and sought after by Punk Rock record collectors.

The band toured the U.K. and Europe extensively during 1995 and 1996 which took its toll on the individual members of the band who played their last gig at the Packhorse in Bristol in January 1997.

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