Spinetinglers - Books in The Series

Books in The Series

  1. The Substitute Creature: Two elementary school kids, Jace Morgan and Abram Saeb, suspect that the new substitute teacher, Mr. Hiss, is an extraterrestrial being.
  2. Billy Baker's Dog Won't Stay Buried: After his dog is put to sleep, Billy discovers that his dog and other deceased pets have come back as zombies.
  3. My Teacher's a Bug: Ryan, a boy on allergy medication, gains the power to see giant bugs disguised as new teachers at his school.
  4. Where Have All the Parents Gone?
  5. Check it Out - and Die!: Charlie and Dustin decide to investigate when readers at their school library begin to disappear.
  6. Simon Says, "Croak!": Alex discovers that his desk is haunted by a ghost named Simon.
  7. Snow Day: Debi and her friends are stranded in a deserted house during a blizzard, and are forced to face several nightmares created by a group called THEM.
  8. Don't Go To the Principal's Office: Two kids suspect foul play when kids who come out of the principal's office begin to act very strangely.
  9. Step on a Crack: A boy discovers that there's something living underneath his town.
  10. The Dead Kid Did It
  11. Fly By Night: The crows in one kids town start to act weird, and the residents think an old lady might know why.
  12. Killer Computer: Jenny discovers that a new computer virus, Zippy, has a mind of its own, and demands she be his friend and playmate.
  13. Pet Store: Amber, the new kid in Woofsburg, discovers that the town is ruled by dogs who keep humans as pets.
  14. Blood Red Eightball: Craig, a video game fan, is sucked into a virtual reality pool table.
  15. Escape from the Haunted Museum: Tony and his friends must escape the museum when the figures come to life.
  16. We Wish You a Scary Christmas
  17. The Monster Channel: After getting the monster channel at the warning of the cable guy, on kid finds out his TV is invested-with monsters.
  18. Mirror, Mirror: After a strange kid in a mirror says he can grant a kids every wishes, his true intentions are about to be announced.
  19. Boogey's Back for Blood
  20. Lights, Camera, Die!: The new movie theater in town may be a lot scarier than ever imagined.
  21. Camp Crocodile
  22. Student Exchange: The new kids at one kids school might have moved from outer space.
  23. Gimme Back My Brain: When one kid signs up for a science experiment, he finds himself inside a robots body.
  24. Your Turn -- to Scream
  25. Curse of the Cheerleaders
  26. Wear and Scare: A costume shop has costumes that transform the wearer into the creature they dress as.
  27. Lizard People
  28. Circus F.R.E.A.K.S.: Freaks are abused at a circus, and it is up to two kids to stop it.
  29. My Dentist is a Vampire: Brian learns that his new dentist is a vampire.
  30. Saber-Toothed Tiger

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