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Surface Feet Per Minute
... Surface feet per minute (SFPM or SFM) is the imperial and American customary unit of cutting speed (surface speed) in machining ... It relates to spindle speed via variables such as cutter diameter (for rotating cutters) or workpiece diameter (for lathe work) ... of diameter and the velocity (RPM) of the material measured in feet-per-minute as the spindle of a milling machine or lathe ...
Using A Milling Cutter - Chip Formation
... Surface cutting speed (Vc) This is the speed at which each tooth cuts through the material as the tool spins ... Typical values for cutting speed are 10m/min to 60m/min for some steels, and 100m/min and 600m/min for aluminum ... This value is also known as "tangential velocity." Spindle speed (S) This is the rotation speed of the tool, and is measured in revolutions per minute (rpm) ...

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