Spent Fuel Pools

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Spent Fuel Pool - Risks
... due to emergency situations, the water in the spent fuel pools may boil off, resulting in large amounts of radioactive elements being released into the. 9 earthquake which struck the Fukushima nuclear plants in March 2011, one of the spent fuel pools lost its roof and was reported to be emitting steam ... According to The Nation, "Spent fuel pools at Fukushima are not equipped with backup water-circulation systems or backup generators for the water-circulation system they do have." Later, there was ...
Indian Point Energy Center - Safety Issues - Spent Fuel
... Indian Point stores used fuel rods in two spent fuel pools at the facility ... to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the Indian Point spent fuel pools, which contain more nuclear material than the reactors, "have ... While the spent fuel pools at Indian Point are not stored under a containment dome like the reactor, they are contained within a 40-foot-deep pool and submerged under 27 feet of water ...

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