Spencer Gulf Football League - Madigan Medallist & Ken Mitchell Awards

Madigan Medallist & Ken Mitchell Awards

Year Madigan Medallist Team Ken Mitchell Award Team Goals
1961 M Vanvacas North Whyalla W Schapel Ports 61
1962 J Martin West Augusta W McGuiness Ports 46
1963 B Curtis Proprietary G Davis South Whyalla 67
1964 K Haylock South Whyalla M Vanvacas South Whyalla 49
1965 K Donavan West Whyalla G Davis South Whyalla 64
1966 G Cockshell Risdon D Pollard Ports 56
1967 W Virgo South Augusta M Minervini Solomontown 39
1968 M Minervini Solomontown G Hill West Augusta 62
1969 W Virgo South Augusta M Minervini Solomontown 37
1970 C Butler Solomontown V Butler West Augusta 46
1971 C Colligan Risdon D Shillabeer Propietary 72
1972 J Clarke
D Murphy
L Welk
Willsden 46
1973 B Webb Solomontown D Shillabeer South Augusta 65
1974 K McSporran West Augusta D Shillabeer South Augusta 85
1975 K McSporran West Augusta K Mitchell Central Augusta 82
1976 K McSporran West Augusta K Mitchell Central Augusta 92
1977 C Prior Proprietary K Mitchell Central Augusta 98
1978 J Noonan Willsden P Manning Central Augusta 95
1979 K Naudebaum Central Augusta S Cheney Risdon 56
1980 P Hynes South Augusta R Vidovich Proprietary 69
1981 C Cock South Augusta D Thornton Solomontown 74
1982 J Boles Willsden R Harris Ports 80
1983 R Payne Risdon R Harris Ports 95
1984 R Payne Risdon D Thornton Solomontown 77
1985 K McSporran
R Anderson
M Schurnaker
West Augusta
P Combe Proprietary 66
1986 K Arbon Ports L Rawlins Solomontown 68
1987 R Anderson Solomontown L Rawlins Solomontown 85
1988 M Bickley Solomontown L Rawlins Solomontown 59
1989 L Myles Proprietary L Rawlins Solomontown 65
1990 C Ferrne Risdon D Freeman Central Augusta 89
1991 S Curnow Central Augusta D Bickley Solomontown 75
1992 J Duffy Central Augusta S Wildman Central Augusta 126
1993 S McLennan South Augusta B Minchington Ports 91
1994 J Simmons Ports M Darcy Central Augusta 46
1995 C Siviour Solomontown M Darcy Solomontown 92
1996 B Fazulla West Augusta J Boles Quorn-Willsden 70
1997 Z McKenzie Quorn-Willsden D Mellow Ports 54
1998 B Fazulla West Augusta D Mellow Ports 77
1999 D Savage Ports D Mellow Ports 60
2000 P Sadler Proprietary-Risdon K Allen Quorn-Willsden 61
2001 K Keeler
T Simpson
South Augusta
K Allen Quorn-Willsden 102
2002 J Robinson Solomontown V Remphrey Ports 50
2003 J Martin
M Peek
2004 C Tee Solomontown
2005 C Tee
M Keatley
Central Augusta
2006 C Tee Solomontown
2007 M Keatley Central Augusta B Amos South Augusta 106
2008 M Fuller Central Augusta
2009 T Clarke Ports M Gale Ports 68
2010 A Dearlove
R Struck
South Augusta
A Dearlove Ports 143

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