Spasmodic Torticollis

Spasmodic torticollis is an extremely painful chronic neurological movement disorder causing the neck to involuntarily turn to the left, right, upwards, and/or downwards. The condition is also referred to as "cervical dystonia". Both agonist and antagonist muscles contract simultaneously during dystonic movement. Causes of the disorder are predominantly idiopathic. A small number of patients develop the disorder as a result of another disorder or disease. Most patients first experience symptoms midlife. The most common treatment for spasmodic torticollis is the use of botulinum toxin type A.

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Spasmodic Torticollis - Treatment
... There are several treatments for spasmodic torticollis, the most commonly used being botulinum toxin injections in the dystonic muscle of the neck ... Combinations of these treatments have been used to control spasmodic torticollis ... Sensory tricks offer only temporary and often partial relief of spasmodic torticollis ...
Spasmodic Torticollis - Epidemiology
... Spasmodic torticollis is one of the most common forms of dystonia seen in neurology clinics, occurring in approximately 0.390% of the United States population ... Worldwide, it has been reported that the incidence rate of spasmodic torticollis is at least 1.2 per 100,000 person years, and a prevalence rate of 57 per 1 million ... Studies have shown that spasmodic torticollis is not diagnosed immediately many patients are diagnosed well after a year of seeking medical attention ...
Spasmodic Torticollis - Treatment - Oral Medications
... In the past, dopamine blocking agents have been used in the treatment of spasmodic torticollis ... Other oral medications can be used in low doses to treat early stages of spasmodic torticollis ... Relief from spasmodic torticollis is higher in those patients who take anticholinergic agents when compared to other oral medications ...
Classification - Spasmodic Torticollis
... Torticollis with recurrent but transient contraction of the muscles of the neck and esp ... "intermittent torticollis ...

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