Space Platform - Publication History

Publication History

  • 1953, USA, Shasta Publishers OCLC 1953791, Pub date 1953, Hardback
  • 1953, USA, Pocket Books OCLC 40763249, Pub date 1953, Paperback
  • 1957, Germany, Utopia-Kriminal, Pub date 1957, Hardback, as Projekt Raumstation
  • 1957, Italy, Cosmo OCLC 223998537, Pub date 1957, Hardback, as Plattaform spaziale
  • 1965, USA, Belmont OCLC 42047570, Pub date 1965, Paperback
  • 1966, Germany, Terra Extra, Pub date 1966, Hardback, as Projekt Raumstation
  • 1972, the Netherlands, Luitingh-Sijhoff, Pub date 1972, Paperback, as Sabotage 1: Ruimteplatform

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