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German High Command Orders For The Treatment Of Soviet Prisoners Of War
... the special treatment to be given to Soviet prisoners of war by the German military in World War II ... Among the notable instructions It said that Soviet prisoners are linked with 'Bolshevism' ... Escaping Soviet POWs would be shot immediately ...
Stalag IV-B Zeithain
... depot, training ground, and Jacobsthal railway station, to accommodate Soviet prisoners ... By July 1941 about 11,000 Soviet soldiers, and some officers, had arrived, but by April 1942 only 3,279 remained ... After April 1942 more Soviet prisoners arrived and died just as rapidly ...
Eastern Front (World War II) - Conduct of Operations - Operation Barbarossa: Summer 1941
... The Germans wrecked the wire network in all Soviet western military districts to undermine Soviet communications ... German divisions, including fourteen panzer divisions and ten motorized, deployed against the Soviet Union from the Baltic to the Black Sea ... the Luftwaffe began immediate attacks on Soviet airfields, destroying much of the forward-deployed Soviet Air Force airfield fleets consisting of largely ...
Nazi Crimes Against Soviet POWs - Concentration and Extermination Camps
... Between 140,000 and 500,000 Soviet prisoners of war died or were executed in Nazi concentration camps, most of them by shooting or gassing ... Berning from Hamburg University starved prisoners to death while performing "famine experiments" in another, prisoners were shot using dum-dum bullets ... Auschwitz concentration camp From about 15,000 Soviet POWs who were brought to Auschwitz I for work, only 92 remained alive at the last roll call ...
Joseph Grew - During World War II - Forcible Return of Soviet POWs
... held a number of Soviet prisoners-of-war (POWs) who had been captured while serving voluntarily or involuntarily in some capacity in the German Army, mostly as rear area personnel (ammu ... Unlike the German prisoners, who were looking forward to release at war's end, the Soviet prisoners urgently requested asylum in the United States, or at ... The question of the Soviet POWs' conduct was difficult to determine, though not their fate if repatriated ...

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