Southern Flinders Ranges - Climate and Geography

Climate and Geography

Due to its close proximately to the Clare Valley, there are many similarities in the geological features. Most of Southern Flinders vineyards are located between 40 and 500 metres (131 to 1640 feet) altitude. Despite its northerly situation, the climate of the region can be described as warm and dry, rather than hot, being assisted in its relative mildness by its elevation and the maritime influences of the Spencer Gulf to the south-west and southerly winds from Gulf St Vincent. Located along the Goyder's Line the area receives ample amount of rainfall and tends to harvest earlier than the neighboring Clare and Barossa Valleys. Some vineyard still choose to irrigate using underground water sources.

The region is often split into two sub-zones-the Baroota Land System which includes the coastal plains to the west of the Flinders Ranges and the Wild Dog Creek Land System which includes the land to the east of the Ranges. The sub zones are distinct from each other in soil type with the Baroota having alluvial deposit of sandy loam and the Wild Dog Creek section being composed of more stoney-based loam and red clay.

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