South Moor - South Moor Park

South Moor Park

South Moor Park is located at the bottom of the valley between Oxhill, and the small village of Quaking Houses. Alongside the large gates which denote the entrance to the park are names of local people who died during World War I. Two names, however, were deleted when it was discovered that the 'victims' had not actually died.

A stream passes through the park. The section of the park adjacent to Park Road features a bowling green and a public, concrete tennis court. Recent new development in the area has meant that the park is now undergoing refurbishment work.

The west side of the park is completely wooded. The main path follows the course of the stream. The remains of the bandstand is hidden by trees and growth and the remains of a previous paddling pool could be seen opposite the bandstand. This was well used in the thirties by locals.

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